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Namibian Mountain Moringa tree and landscape: Our special moringas
Maroccan house: Dar Ripert
Camp with river bed in distance: View onto Kobo Kobo Hills Mountain Camp. Central Namibia
People lounging at pool: Guests lounging at our natural, rock pool
Namibian Yellow bark acacia. Acacia in bloom in September
Maroccan house: Our sister camp – Maroccan style cottages: Dar es Salam & Dar Azur
Couple in Land Rover: Guests on private game drive
Rondawel accommodation at our desert mountain camp. Aloe
Dassies or Rock Rabbits (Rock hyrax) are plentiful - the Black Eagles thrive!


Namib mountain road. Central Namibia  Klipspringers on rock: Our friends, the klipspringers, posing  Maroccan house – side view: Our North-African style “Moroccan” cottages  Little tucked away cottage: The Finch House – Hobbit House. Namib desert mountains
Interior of cottage: Interior of our Red Eyed Bulbul House – Family Room  Light show with Kobo Kobo: Our guests playing with fire against the clear Namibian desert night sky!  Land Rover with trailer: Our best clients – Gravel Travel. NAmid desert mountain goats  Pool and lapa: Clear mountain water. Our little oasis in the desert